June 30, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

I had planned on making a shaped card using my Expression2, the Cricut Decals cartridge, and the new Cricut Craftroom.  I welded together the shapes to make the card, hooked up the computer to the E2, pressed cut, and then it told me I needed to insert the cartridge. Off to plan B... I decided to just cut out this cute little girl that looked like she was holding a sparkler. Then I added some Stickles that I hadn't used in ages to make it look like a sparkler. I think I just may cut out a few more of these cute little stick figures. I think they are rather adorable.


UPDATE:  My mother opted to have surgery to remove the cancer in lung vs. chemo and radiation.  She had a very rough time after the surgery and was in intensive care for 11 days- 9 of which they still had her under and on a respirator.  Today is day 15 and I got to bring her home with me.  I am so very blessed to still have her here with me and the very best part is I am on vacation for the next 10 days and I get to spend it being with her and taking the very best care of her.  I may have talked her into making a card with me so that she can send it to the wonderful nurses in the ICU that took care of her. Just so you know, she is NOT a crafter at all.  Thank you for all of the prayers.
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