April 22, 2010

More Critters from Create-A-Critter

This is my "boy" doggie birthday card. This is the dog from Create-a-Critter and the hat is from Celebrations. I have had a few of you ask me how I make the cards and get them to line up. I use my Gypsy to I weld the shadowed images together- I line them up on the center lines- one reverse image and normal image so that they slightly overlap. I then weld them together and group the two images together so that I can move them around the page together. If I want to add another shape I will weld that shadow to the base as well (i.e. the birthday hat). I then continue to cut out the original shapes and layers and use pop dots to adhere them to the page. I also use Fabri-tac to make the card more sturdy and I also cut a blackout image to line the inside so that the back of the card does not feel so flimsy. Some of you have asked me to make videos of how I do these. I do not know how to do this but my DD has a flip video camera that she has just offered to let me use- with her help of course. So maybe you will see a video or two in the future. :)

I made this card because it made me think of my youngest DD- I always tell her that she is my sunshine. I used the card shape from Wild Cards, the sun is from Create-a-Critter- which I welded to the card, and "You are My Sunshine" is from Just Because Cards. I also used my Studio G flock. I am so much fun using the flock... the instructions say to use a glue pad but I have just been covering whatever I want to use the flock on with my Zig pen, then covering with the flock and press it onto the shape, let it dry and then shake off and return the excess to the jar. I have to say a little bit of flock goes a loooong way.

I have to say that this cartridge has completely made me want to create again. I just love ALL of the images and really was hoping that a new baby cartridge would come out and this fits the bill for me. What I enjoy the most is making more kid/ baby themed projects and am considering selling some of them on Etsy. I have a bunch of stuff that I made that have not given away that I should do something with... why not sell them?

Here is the "girl" doggie birthday card. DD insists that I make a girl and boy image of each Critter. I also used Kraft paper for the strip down the nose and the white flock to make it feel fuzzy.
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