June 12, 2011

A tour of my favorite things in our new home

I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite things in our new home.  I have been trying very hard to make this house feel like our home.  Do you get what I mean? Yes, I love the fact that we are in our new house but it wasn't feeling very homey yet.  We've done a few little projects here and there this weekend and it's getting there. I am loving it!

#1-  My craigslist find... a new computer armoire.  I really wasn't liking having the computer in the living room.  Seeing a bunch of cords all over the place drives me nuts.  So I was checking out craigslist and I found this cottage style computer armoire for 50 bucks.  I was so excited!  I was finding the same one online for $300 plus shipping.  I love it and it looks great in my living room!

#2- I am not big on artwork so I had been checking out a few diy decorating blogs and found some photo collages and decided to give it a try. So today Keith and I finally put it up. I love it way more than trying to find a piece of artwork to put up on the wall.  I am very grateful that Keith was here to help me because he used all sorts of measurements to get it spaced out the way I layed it out on the floor. I stink at measuring. I think the next thing I may look for is a coffee table for in front of the couch. It looks a little bare.

Here's a close up of the photo collage- full of my favorite favorite photos from then and now.

This is a bench that we found at an estate sale.  I had intentions of painting it but I really liked the distress look and the color in the living room.  I made the envelope pillow cases and the wreath on the bench with a few things that I bought at the Christmas Tree Shop.  I love that store for decorating on the cheap.

This is a rocker that Keith's Poppy made.  I am looking for a cream color seat cushion and maybe a new quilt to lay over the back of the chair.  I really love this chair.  It has character and has sentimental value for Keith.

The stairs were one of the selling features for us.  I loved how they refinished them with the cherry stain.  I found the stair basket at a garage sale last year for $3.  What a steal! 

We also love the shelves under the stairs. I had a curio cabinet but didn't really like it anymore.  So I sold it and set up all my favorite little treasures in the little nook.  Can you see my sock monkey?  I LOVE sock monkeys.  My grandma made it.  The pair of shoes are my first pair of shoes that my mother had bronzed.

And last we had this ugly brown armoire in my living room that I was thinking of getting rid of but we were also looking for a matching dresser to go in our bedroom because we were sharing one between the two of us.  I painted it black to match, got the same types of handles, and distressed it and it goes perfectly with the other one.  The pottery on the armoire was made my daughter.  It goes wonderfully with our room. She is an awesome artist. Some of you may remember the finger print self portrait.

Well this is all I have for you for now.  It is a work in progress but I am loving my new home and it is a ton of fun to decorate. 

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