May 31, 2011

Give a kid a camera and this is what you find...

When we were getting the new house ready for move in I gave my 10 year old my camera and told her to go take some pictures. This is what I found when I got my camera back. I thought they were very interesting. The ham sandwich cracks me up. :) It also grosses me out for some reason. She does have a pretty good eye- maybe a camera is a good idea for Christmas.
I am working on a couple of chipboard mini albums and am almost done with them.  One is a wordbook and both are baby themed.  I will be posting them soon hopefully. 

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May 11, 2011


I took the plunge and bought the new Expression 2 from HSN and have not had any time to play with it. So yesterday I brought along my Gypsy and while I was waiting for my Mom during her appointments I designed a 3-fold card like the ones that are on the Just-a-Note cartridge included with the E2. I really liked the concept of them but am not crazy about the style. I decided that I would make a thank you card for the wonderful group that I work with at the dentist's office. They have been very caring and supportive and on Monday they surprised me with a gift card for Home Depot congratulating us on our new house. I was very surprised and so appreciative. Looks like some cake pops may be in their future as well. :)

The cartridges that I used were:

Gypsy Wanderings-
Plantin Schoolbook- rectangles
Smiley Cards- flower



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