December 21, 2008

Wordbook that I made for a Christmas gift...

I know this posted backwards but I don't have the energy to fix it right now. So, last page first is how it goes. LOL

This is a gift that I am giving for Christmas this year. I don't have to worry if the recipient will see this or not because she doesn't even know that I have a blog. LOL

December 07, 2008

I Love Don Juan!

Me and a friend of mine decided to trade cartridges for a little while and she let me use her Don Juan. I have to have this cartridge. This font is my absolute favorite! It is so me. So this is what I have made so far with it...

The cupcake is from the Celebrations cartridge, "Birthday Wishes" is from Don Juan and welded with Design Studio, and the little heart is from Don Juan as well. I also used the threading water punch for the borders.
I plan on stock piling a bunch of these cuts so that I can make so many more of these cards. I am obsessed.