August 05, 2011

My scrap area is finally finished!

I have finally gotten my scrap area to where I am satisfied.  I am finally done.  Now I need to get crackin' and make something. I used to have the cabinets that are under the table in the closet but I needed the extra storage space so I moved them out and put a black curtain over the entrance to the closet. The doors to the upper cabinets are painted with chalkboard paint.

We added a magnetic dry erase board to have a little message center for the school year.  It is a really small space outside of the kitchen.

This is a full on shot of my little area- as you can see it is VERY small but I have a space to call my own.

Thanks for looking... I am off now to make something to share with all of you.
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  1. I love your space! Though it may seem little, it's actually big in my eyes! I have a like, 15x18 inch table in the corner of my room that I craft on, haha. I made do, and it's still a lot of fun! I love having this hobby that can be done in any sort of space. Just requires a lot of shifting (ex. take out my glass mat to cut, put it back, take down my paper cutter, put it back, take out my ink pads, put it back ... etc!). I really like the chalkboard cabinets! You can write down challenge reminders and such!

  2. You've made great use of a small space. It looks wonderful. Enjoy.

  3. super cute space. I love the chair and the chalk board paint!

  4. hi - like your craft space. wish mine was so clean.

    question - what is the link for the mini album design team website. when i click on the one listed on one of your posts, it is a bad link.