March 15, 2008

Mini Cupcake Bakery Box

Hi everyone! Here is the Mini Cupcake bakery box that I posted on the Cricut website. Alot of you had asked if I was sharing. Of course I am.
Here is the .cut file...
Hope you find this little box useful.
You will need the Expression, George, and Accent Essentials for the window in order to make this box- although you could substitute another shape for the window if you don't have Accent Essentials.

Thanks again everyone for your kind words.


  1. Thank you Thank you for your cut file. I know it takes time to design and upload. I sure do appreciate your time.

  2. This is awesome! Thanks so much for being kind enough to share. Your time and effort to create this beautiful project is so very appreciated!

    Thanks again,

    aka sophiasmama from the cricut message board

  3. This is so darling. Thank you for so generously sharing it. I know how long it takes to do this - I really appreciate you sweetly sharing it with people like me who just don't have your talent!


  4. Thank you so very much for sharing the file. I love this!

  5. This is so cute. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful .cut files.


  6. Thanks Annette for all the goodies! I made a card using the paper you gave me but gave it away while forgetting to take a pic.. I'll make another :) Jamie shared the cupcakes- yummy! Thanks for the awesome paper!

  7. So kind of you to share this beautiful box! Now I just have to cough up the cash and buy DS! :)

  8. Love this! So cute.
    thank you for sharing

  9. Aloha Annette, thank you for sharing this file.

  10. ty for the file:) I'll be buying DS after I get CSAL")

  11. It's awesome!!! I downloaded your file but can't open it with DS like with other cut files. Is there anything special I should do in order to open it? or is the file damaged? When trying to open it I get an error message. Can you help me?

    Thank you so much!

  12. Hi would you be kind enough to post a svg file for the cup cake boxes?

    You site is very informative Thanks

  13. Hi Annette! It's Ruby! Not sure if you remember me from the circuit board! I just found your blog again..I lost ALL my circuit files that I had from the very beginning..My computer crashed...Would it be possible to get the mini cupcake box from you again and if you also can please share the cadbury egg email is! Thank you so much. Love your blog!!!!

  14. Hi
    I love your mini cupcake box and have been looking all over for one for a while. Is there any chance we could get the .cut file reposted?